Remember when the world was simple, uncomplicated and everything you needed was at your fingertips?

Apt recreates that feeling and in doing so redefines the practical office workstation.

Apt incorporates a no-nonsense 100% recyclable, rectilinear steel leg frame that supports individual straight desks and benching. Whether you are fitting out a single office, call centre or multiple floors, the Apt frame allows you to carry the same aesthetic throughout the building. As your business expands and adapts to changing market opportunity, so your simple Apt fitout can be adapted accordingly.

Each leg incorporates a levelling glide to ensure a perfectly horizontal work surface every time. In the bench configurations, the central shared legs are setback 240mm from the edge of the worktop which means full lateral movement along the bench without fear of knee clash and lots of opportunity for short term increased personnel density or hot-desking.

Apt workstations can be combined with any of the standard Vidak screening systems – Edge, Divide or Edge Stack – so you’ll always be able to design your office to meet the individual demands of privacy versus collaboration and at the same time deliver an enviable accessory range and multiple storage options. Power and data is run down the beams under the desk top and there is an optional power and data plate that can be mounted under the top if required.

* Quick shop option for standard finishes - frame in black or white, top in white.