Edge Stack

Whether it is a fabric, acrylic, wood or metal look you're after, the Edge Stack screen system can be adapted to suit your space requirements.

The possibilities are endless and this system creates another way in which to mirror the look and feel of your environment.

The Edge Stack screen system offers users a flexible and versatile way to adapt their work environment. Top stacking panels can be removed/placed anywhere by the user at any stage. Removing the panel opens up the space and creates a more collaborative working style or adding the panel creates more privacy for concentration.

The fixed base panel allows you to mount accessories to it and remove the top stacking panel without having to remove the accessories. Many different panel types and sizes can be stacked into the base panel to create a range of different environments easily at any stage. Top stacking panels can be smaller in size than the base panel and can be easily removed and re-upholstered to refresh the look.

Edge Stack screens offer multiple material and panel options. Top stacking panels are available in your choice of fabric wrapped (pinnable, non-pinnable or acoustic), Quietspace, Echopanel, Ecoustic, laminate, frosted acrylic, perforated metal, perforated plywood or lacquered mdf. Base panels can be fabric upholstered or laminate.

Base panels include a tool rail for screen hanging accessories. The tool rail can be mounted at any height. Accessories include shelves, slatwall, paper trays, pencil holders, whiteboards and name tag holders. The top stacking panels can be easily removed leaving the base panel and accessory rail in place to continue to be used at the workstation.