Aerial Touchdown

In a dynamic working world people need to be able to easily touch in or touchdown with a team or on their own with instant connection. The Aerial Touchdown range provides a smart, simple and space efficient setting for teams and individuals to work at.   

Dynamic Workspace for Teams and Individuals

A welcoming touchdown or touch-in space promoting flexibility of individuals or teams to effortlessly work on their tasks together or separately.

Supporting the diverse needs of a modern workforce, the Aerial Touchdown offers a welcoming oasis in the bustling environment of today’s flexible workplaces. Its sleek and ergonomic design provides a comfortable and functional workspace, allowing individuals to smoothly transition between tasks without missing a beat. Whether it’s catching up on emails, breaking away to complete a task, or diving into projects, this workspace supports their workflow with ease.

Get Connected – Easily

Get Connected – Easily

Aerial Touchdown ensures seamless device connectivity. With integrated power management, offering both wired and wireless charging options, along with support for a straightforward 'one cable' USB-A or C solution for connection to display(s) and power, users can effortlessly connect and maintain productivity throughout their workday.

Design That Commands Attention

Design That Commands Attention

With a range of base and top finishes and optional screens, Aerial Touchdown can be tailored to seamlessly integrate into your current workspace setting or intentionally stand out from the crowd and make a statement.

Concealed Cable Management

Concealed Cable Management

Experience unrivalled organisation with Aerial’s concealed cable management. By discreetly hiding cables, Aerial Touchdown achieves a clean and clutter free environment while maintaining functionality and accessibility.

Sustainable By Design

Our products and systems are sustainably produced using recyclable materials and incorporate circular design principles, ensuring they are designed to extend their lifespan beyond initial intentions.

Change is inevitable, and Aerial's component-based system anticipates your evolving needs. Alongside its durability, Aerial is designed as a modular component-based system, enabling customers to reuse, relocate, and reconfigure it for various settings. This flexibility ensures an extended life for workstation furniture, offering customers long-term value and adaptability. Moreover, Aerial can accommodate refurbishment of components, including re-upholstering of screens and replacing tops, further enhancing its sustainability and longevity.

In addition, our Divide Screens are certified by Eco Choice Aotearoa, reinforcing our commitment to sustainability and guaranteeing your purchase of an environmentally friendly product.


Capsule Ends

Rectangular Ends + Divide Screen

Capsule Ends + PET Screen

Rectangular Ends + PET Screen

Leg + Frame Finishes

Black Legs + Frame

White Legs + Frame

Timber Legs + Black Frame

Timber Legs + White Frame

Timber Stain Finishes

Natural Ash


White Wash