As designers and suppliers of manufactured products, we take our environmental responsibility seriously.

Our number one priority is to avoid waste, and for us this means designing strong, stylish and durable pieces that stand the test of time. We offer extensive warranties and continuity guarantees to give you the peace of mind that what you’re buying will last and that it can be added to and adapted over time.

We also make sure our products have a minimal impact on the environment. Here’s an overview of what we’re doing to achieving this. 


Vidak Environmental Policy

Our mission at Vidak is to help people love their work. This doesn't stop with client projects, but also extends into our own company, and the environment we work in.

A copy of our Environmental Policy can be viewed here.


More Environmentally Sustainable Design 

We offer a range of eco-friendly product lines. These include our own designs as well as products sourced from our trusted partners. Certifications include: Global Greentag Level AECA, GECA, GreenGuard, and AFRDI Green Tick.


We have also delivered a number of large-scale fitouts for GreenStar Buildings which relied upon our sustainable products (through material credits) in order to achieve certification.

Contact us to learn more.

ISO Certification

Vidak has been ISO 14001:2004/ISO 14001:2015 certified since 2007 – an assurance that we’re committed to improving all the aspects of our environmental impact within our operational reach.

A copy of our certificate can be viewed here.


New Zealand Made

Wherever possible, we support local suppliers and our products are made using a high proportion of locally sourced products and materials.


Responsible Supply Chain

Vidak is committed to integrating the best social and economically-sound practices within our manufacturing process. This includes respect for universally-recognised principles on human rights including labour rights, the environment, and anti-corruption. We understand that our company sits within a larger system and we actively work to evaluate and monitor our company’s entire manufacturing process from start to end. 


Product Stewardship

We can offer you a written commitment to take the product back if requested. We reuse and recycle with respected organisations to ensure that any pieces you no longer need are recycled or disposed of responsibly.