Square Bear Phone booth

Perfect for a everything from private phonecalls or a place to escape from the busy work environment. 

Designed for one person to work in, Square Bear 1.0 and 1.05 are manufactured using sustainable timber frames and acoustic fabric panels in a range of colour combinations. Includes a fixed table-top and an inbuilt light with sensor controlled LED provides energy efficiency.

Square Bear 1.0

Square Bear 1.0

Designed for a private and peaceful drop in space to make a phone call, attend a virtual meeting, or focus on a task, Square Bear 1.0 is traditional in its rectangular geometry and fits neatly into any office space, coordinating with the complete Square Bear range to offer flexibility for workplace design. Standard features include comfortable ventilation, a fixed or drop-down table top, and a built in dimmable VC light that allows the user to create cool to warm skin tones as desired during virtual meetings.

Square Bear 1.05

Square Bear 1.05

Get creative with floor plans using Square Bear 1.05. Designed for both flexibility and floorspace practicality, Square Bear 1.05 has a unique aethetic that can be used alone or with other products from the Square Bear range. With one flat side and one tapered, Square Bear 1.05 can be placed against a wall or corner, or can be incorporated into a suit of Square Bear products including multi-sized Square Bear pods, mobile storage, planters and whiteboards.

Square Bear products are manufactured using high quality materials that are sustainable and ethically sourced. All materials are selected based on their suitability for structural and aesthetic requirements with as much local content as possible. Frames, door handles, hinges, glazing and the castors on accessory items are all tested for strength and durability to ensure product longevity.


Square Bear 1.0 Natural

Square Bear 1.0 Black Stain

Square Bear 1.05 Natural

Square Bear 1.05 Black Stain

Seasonal frame colours


Seasonal acoustic PET colours

Other settings In the family

Square Bear 2.1 PET Back

Square Bear 2.2 Glass Back

Square Bear 2.2 Open