Square Bear Meeting Pods

Square Bear acoustic pods provide a quiet space for individual and teamwork.  

Designed for high level acoustic performance and a dual controlled ventilation system provides quality circulation and air reticulation. Sensor controlled light and fans provide user-friendly solutions and finishes can be customised on request. Available in eight sizes, Square Bear provides a solution for focused task work, private phone calls, meetings, and team scrum-meets.

Square Bear 2.1

Square Bear 2.1

2.1 is a suitable space for one person when there’s a need to spread out, for two people who want a comfortable place to chat or collaborate, and for three or four to meet in privacy. Unhindered entry with a generous easy-open magnetic latch door, a flush positioning on the floor, and no step-up required to enter the space.

Square Bear 2.2

Square Bear 2.2

For meetings of up to six people, Square Bear 2.2 accommodates various furniture styles, configurations, and integrated AV and IT options. Square Bear 2.2 is ideal for meetings and collaborative task work that require focus, concentration, and a level of privacy. Providing space for productivity while improving a reduction in stress induced distraction, RETREAT 2.2 works well for teams who might otherwise disturb the open-plan office while they meet.

Square Bear 2.2 Open

Square Bear 2.2 Open

Square Bear Open reduces background noise without being removed from the workplace. Providing a place to escape without the formality of a meeting room.

Square Bear 2.3

Square Bear 2.3

For meetings of up to six people, 2.3 is designed as a space for discussions, presentations, brainstorming, collaboration, and privacy. Square Bear 2.3 provides options for integrated AV to accommodate video conferencing without disturbing the rest of the workplace. 

Square Bear products are manufactured using high quality materials that are sustainable and ethically sourced. All materials are selected based on their suitability for structural and aesthetic requirements with as much local content as possible. Frames, door handles, hinges, glazing and the castors on accessory items are all tested for strength and durability to ensure product longevity.


Square Bear 2.1 PET Back Natural

Square Bear 2.1 Glass Back Black

Square Bear 2.2 PET Back Natural

Square Bear 2.2 Glass Back Black

Square Bear 2.2 Open Natural

Square Bear 2.2 Open Black

Square Bear 2.3 Glass Back Natural

Square Bear 2.3 PET Back Black

Square Bear 2.1 Square Glass Back Black

Square Bear 2.3 Square Glass Back Black

Details + Extras

Fixed table

Integrated technology and power

Stainless steel magnet door latch

Optional softseating

Seasonal frame colours

Seasonal acoustic PET colours