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  1. The app applies only to VIDAK products, by terminal handheld electronic device like Phone, Pad, and such sort to control the motion and memory of the motion of the equipment such as height adjustable desk, lifting projector, lifting TV rack, etc. to improve working condition and life quality. It is not intended for any other usage that may cause harm or danger to any situations.
  2. Do not use the app under the circumstance of strong electromagnetic disturbance that may lead to device failure.
  3. Please ensure the guidance of adults when children use the app.
  4. Users use the app by their own risk, VIDAK and its cooperative partners shall not be liable for the app of any kind of express, implied or statutory warranties or conditions. The app cannot be guaranteed to be saleable, applicable, virus-free, or with negligence or technical flaws, including the express or implied warranties and conditions of ownership and infringement. In any case, for direct, indirect, incidental, special and subsequent damage and risk caused by the use or the inability to use of this app, VIDAK and its cooperative partners do not assume any responsibility.
  5. We do not hold responsibility for any damages relating to viruses, Trojan horse or any other malicious data caused by the app.
  6.  This app will continue to update so as to provide users with new functions and updated software BUG. VIDAK ensures that the software upgraded module will not contain any malicious code aimed at the destruction of user data.
  7.  In view of the diversity and complexity of the user app and hardware environment, the app provides the function with no guarantee of normal execution or achieving the result desired by a user in any case. Vidak and its cooperative partners will not undertake any responsibility to any consequences caused by users of the app.
  8.  By installing the app, the user agrees and accepts VIDAK’s terms and conditions.