Aerial 120°

Neat. Tidy. Sleek.

With its slim, round leg profile, Aerial adds a refined, contemporary aesthetic to the modern office. This sturdy electric sit-to-stand desk allows you to transition effortlessly from sitting to standing at the press of the button - promoting healthier work habits. You can also wirelessly control the height of your desk, be prompted to move and track your usage via your phone or tablet with the ViDesk app.

Concealed cable management will appeal to those who like a tidy office. Workstations can also be reconfigured from single to back-to-back configurations to satisfy future-minded business owners. Multiple worktop shapes and accessories allow for personalisation including screens, shelves, document holders and pen rails.

Meeting New Workstation Standards
Standards New Zealand recently released a long-awaited update (AS/NZS 4442:2018) for Office Desks and Workstations. These new standards address the latest developments in workstations with stricter requirements for sit-to-stand desks to ensure optimum dimensions, safety, stability, durability and strength for health, safety and ergonomic reasons.

Aerial was specifically designed to exceed these new standards. With its, generous leg space and ample height range the system provides a more comfortable working experience. The quiet twin-motors easily lift the weight of an average worktop with computer equipment.