Our versatile Retreat booths were created to meet the demand for both collaborative and quiet spaces in open-plan offices. While permanent meeting rooms take up valuable real estate, Retreat is the adaptable soft booth that makes it easy to create versatile spaces where people can work together or work alone.

Totally freestanding, they can be placed virtually anywhere in your workplace and moved when you decide to change the layout. It’s an incredibly cost-effective alternative to inflexible permanent meeting rooms.

Each booth is made up of soft walls where tables and worktops can be incorporated. Because we live in a world of portable electronic devices, you can choose to have power, data, HDMI and USB all integrated into the booth. Power and data can either be fed from the floor or from the ceiling.

The flat pack Retreat walls are made up of MDF panels that can have acoustic substrate incorporated. Wall connections are internal and hidden from view to create seamless fabric walls.

As a modular system, each booth is made up of elements chosen from a wide-ranging kit of parts. If you need something different, we can customise the size and shape to suit your space. Because each booth is designed and manufactured in New Zealand, creating custom solutions is easy. All that’s left to do is choose a colour and fabric to suit your interior style.