Vecos Smart Lockers

Vecos Smart Lockers

Vidak is proud to be the exclusive Vecos partner, providing smart dynamic locker management solutions for New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. Over 34,000 lockers to date have been delivered and installed in this market by Vidak and over 700,000 worldwide by Vecos.

Storage needs are changing with the introduction of new ways of working, learning, exercising and relaxing. Because of this, fixed cabinet storage is less and less perceived as the best possible solution.

The Vidak + VECOS locker management system allows organisations to better tailor personal storage space to demand now and in the future.

The Vidak+VECOS locker management system enables employees or students to request their own locker, and release it again. With Releezme employees can locate free lockers by themselves at the Vecos touch screen terminal using their access card or even more dynamically with the Releezme app on their smartphone. Locker management systems are the only way to enable the concept of dynamic lockers avoiding double usage and claiming behaviour. 


The feature to send (automated) push notifications to employees occupying a locker they no longer use is unique. It is the locker itself that indicates when it should be released.