Hotbox 1

Effortlessly adding colour and vibrancy to the workplace, Hotbox 1 is the ideal portable storage device for agile working. With different colours to choose from, its nimble, open design means you can transport all your important items in style wherever you choose to work.

Easy to Use

Ideal for quick collaborative working in and around any office location, Hotbox 1 is the solution for agile workers who need to be organised whilst constantly in motion. Perfectly proportioned with a handy single compartment to store your larger work items and 3 smaller compartments at the front to hold your stationery, supplies and trusty mug.

Personalise Your Hotbox

Just a fraction larger than an A4 piece of paper, Hotbox 1 comes in a series of block colours - pink, yellow, blue, white and brick.


The Hotbox 1 is fully recyclable, and even its packaging has a purpose. It can be transformed into a box to help keep your locker organised.