Engage Desk Control

The Engage electric Sit to Stand system offers reliability, speed and ease of use at the touch of a button. Engage also has an add-on health benefit where you can control your desk via software on your computer and command any movement from your computer keyboard. You can set goals for your movements (time or calories burned), along with a number of other features.

The desk control software is installed in your computer making the use/adjustment of your desk very intuitive in your daily work. The software programme contains the typical desk panel features like up, down adjustment, up to 3 memory positions and height read-out.

The programme reminds you to adjust your desk, counting the time standing as well as the calories burned. The intervals are self-elected making desk control a very personal tool. The programme tracks total number of desk adjustments from a sit to stand position. It is possible to connect a standard desk panel to the system to ensure adjustment of the desk while the computer is turned off.

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