The ultimate screen system for your working environment, Edge combines style and function to provide an unbeatable solution.

In the modern office space is at a premium, so having a thin robust screen that works with multiple workstation systems supports the need to do more with less.

At only 30mm thick, Edge packs a punch and is able to support a large number of accessories as well as accommodate a variety of customisable elements. Fully framed with the option of multiple accessory rails, core elements and surfaces, Edge really is a big screen system wrapped up in a small package.

Edge is a 30mm thick slimline screen system that is manufactured to specification to suit multiple heights and lengths. The screens are framed by a custom designed powdercoated square 7mm thick aluminium capping that keeps the internal structure protected and rigid, this matches in with the straight lines of the Engage workstations.

Edge screens offer multiple material and panel options due to their unique structural design. Options include: fabric upholstered (pinnable, non-pinnable or acoustic), Quietspace, Echopanel, Ecoustic, laminate, acrylic, glass, whiteboard, plywood, perforated metal or a combination of these elements.

The screens have the option of top and/or mid rails for screen hanging accessories which can be easily added, removed or positioned along the rails by the user(s). The rail design means accessories can be hung from both sides of the screen independently from each other, without deflection in the screen and with no interference with desk top height adjustments. 
The square capping design means accessories such as acrylic add on panels and name tag holders can be mounted on top of the screen with ease by the user(s).

Edge’s solid construction and unique bracketing system means large accessories of varying weights can be hung from the screen while it maintains its rigidity. The bracketing system means screens will remain straight and will not lean overtime.

Edge screens are attached to the workstation’s sub structure rather than it’s top, which keeps it independent from any desk height adjustments, keeping a constant straight line throughout the fitout. The simple bracketing system allow screens to be moved and reconfigured easily and independent of the workstations.