Ondo Docking Station

Ondo seamlessly integrates into your CBS monitor arm to offer fast, clutter free connections between your laptop and the other technology on your desk.

Used in conjunction with an underdesk docking station, it neatly manages all power, data, monitor, mouse and keyboard connections. Unsightly cables are kept under the desk out of sight, organised into the compact and tidy Ondo on your desktop. No more hunting around in cluttered cable trays, Ondo gives you neat and easy ccess to data and power right from your CBS monitor arm.

Trusted Technology

Compatible with all docking stations with USB-A and C ports, Ondo sets you free to choose your own docking station from your preferred IT supplier. Using the latest in charging and connectivity technology, its two USB-A ports and two USB-C ports ensure your access to power and data is both instantaneous and future proof.

Simple to retrofit

Ondo can be effortlessly retrofitted into existing CBS monitor arm systems to create a powerfully connected, ergonomic workspace. Plus, with a choice of three colours to match black, white or silver arms, Ondo is perfectly at home in any workspace.

A neat solution

Ondo is a neat solution to the everincreasing need to connect. Its compact design is the antidote to desk clutter, creating an aesthetically pleasing and productive workspace. Using high quality nylon braided cables isn’t just about tangle-free convenience, they’re also highly durable and built to last. Ondo’s 5- year warranty is just the beginning.