Retreat Lounge


Retreat to your favourite spot in the office by yourself or with your colleagues.


Retreat’s range of workplace solutions elegantly caters to the demands of a dynamic work environment, enhancing productivity.

Retreat Lounge encompasses seating, screens, work surfaces, and power solutions, forming the fundamental elements of an exceptional and streamlined workspace. Whether fostering collaborative breakout zones or providing secluded focus havens.



Unparalleled Comfort.

Our designers have meticulously crafted Retreat seating to achieve a harmonious blend of comfort and support, fostering an environment where users can remain invigorated and fully engaged in their work for extended periods. Employing construction techniques often associated with upscale residential lounge seating, and enhanced by high-quality, supportive foam in both the seat and lumbar areas. Retreat sets a new standard for ergonomic excellence through the feeling of "energy in the seat" producing unmatched comfort.





Distractions can be frustrating in an open plan workplace.  Careful consideration has been given to the design of the Retreat lounge screens, particularly the height and acoustic properties ensuring people have the space they need to focus on their own tasks or collaborate with others within the workplace and without visual or noise disturbance. 







Adapted for Technology.

Designed with mobile technology in mind, Retreat lounge seating is designed with a focus on ergonomic principals and standards for work settings. Integration of charging solutions and work surfaces supports all range of mobile devices to ensure no compromise to productivity.






Elegant Style.

The Retreat collection embodies a timeless, soft, and minimalist design aesthetic that permeates its entirety. This distinctive approach not only facilitates seamless integration of Retreat with diverse furnishings and design components, but also has the potential to forge a harmonious and impactful brand identity when adorned in a fabric and color palette of your preference.



Sustainable by Design.

Our products and systems are not only sustainably produced but also have the ability to have their life extended beyond the initial intended lifespan.

The ingenuity of Retreat’s panel connectors and seat brackets empowers Retreat to be effortlessly arranged and rearranged, yielding an infinite array of configurations to suit the ever-evolving office landscape. This feature also allows for easy reupholstering of Retreat in the future, thereby enhancing its durability and longevity.



Single Seater 2 Seater

3 Seater


Optional Accessories.


 Tablet Finishes.