ROOM Focus Booth

A private space to call your own.

Privacy meets productivity with the Focus Room, a thoughtfully-designed personal office that allows you to concentrate on the task at hand. With over 70% of employees plagued by noise and distraction in the modern office, silence never sounded so good.

Complete with a large desk, ample storage and overhead skylight, with seamless assembly onsite, the Focus Room makes it easy to step in, get settled, and get focused on your next big idea.


Engineered by leading acoustic experts so private conversations stay private.


Adaptive design makes the booth easy to assemble and move around.

Discreet fans and ventilation system keep you cool even when conversations get heated.

Soundproofing made from recycled plastic bottles keeps the environment in good shape.


ROOM Focus - Black
ROOM Focus - Black
ROOM Focus - White
ROOM Focus - White