Focused activity work table was designed and engineered to the most exacting principles of automotive design; with flexibility and innovation at its core. The use of unique textures, such as the tactile felt covered activity trays and under-structure cover panels, combined with timber work surfaces and steel legs, means Focused provides a level of finish that’s unique to work table products.

The design of Focused allows the activity trays to be swapped out to set up different work environments, ready for a new set of tasks. Focused provides a flexible workplace solution that can be incorporated into any office, boardroom or learning environment. No matter the activity – meeting, collaborating, teleconferencing or working – the Focused activity work table offers genuine flexible solutions.

The felt upholstered undercarriage conceals a robust steel framework and offers a fully integrated cable management solution. The undercarriage is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic and is finished in a dark grey felted fabric. Quick change quiet screens can be fitted, along with pen and pencil cups plus a range of other activity trays.

Whether you’re setting up for a collaborative team meeting in the morning or a group teleconference in the afternoon, it’s as easy as simply inter-changing the drop-in activity trays.